2020-01-27 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] -nationality_id and country_id id bikecoop partn...
2020-01-16 Ludovic CHEVALIER[MODULE] -users import
2020-01-16 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] +country_id in member form: workaround bug
2020-01-16 Ludovic CHEVALIER[DATA] -users
2020-01-16 Ludovic CHEVALIER[DATA] +users
2020-01-15 Ludovic CHEVALIER[MODULE] +production
2020-01-15 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] +customize members form
2019-04-26 Ludovic CHEVALIER[MODULE] ~first try
2019-04-24 Ludovic CHEVALIER[DATA] ~users and members importation OK
2019-04-24 Ludovic CHEVALIER[DATA] ~links to sec data master
2019-04-24 Ludovic CHEVALIER[MODULE] ~reset
2013-12-29 SPCorrection : adresse de la cyclo.
2013-10-28 Julien MoutinhoCorrection : data/members.import : abstraction interméd...
2013-10-25 Julien Moutinhoinit