2016-04-08 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] -taxes references in purchase order
2016-04-08 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] -taxes reference in invoices (customers and...
2016-04-08 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] -taxes reference in account view
2016-04-08 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] -taxes references in products form
2016-04-08 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] -taxes references in sale order
2016-04-08 Ludovic CHEVALIER[MODULE] ~maj copyright
2016-04-08 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] -taxes reference in point of sale orders
2016-04-08 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] -taxes menus
2016-01-04 Ludovic CHEVALIER[DATA] +6257 account
2015-10-23 Ludovic CHEVALIER[MODULE] ~licence
2015-09-27 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] ~address fields reorganization in associates...
2015-06-26 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] +placeholder for the name of the partner
2014-01-15 Ludovic CHEVALIER[PARTNER] +country_id and nationality_id default value...
2014-01-15 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] +main member readonly field in bikecoop member...
2014-01-10 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] +default view for many2one partner_id field...
2014-01-09 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] ~in pos_order form, partner_id is readonly when...
2014-01-09 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] +fix required partner field in pos_order_form...
2014-01-06 Ludovic CHEVALIER[SECURITY] +fix missing ir.model.access.csv
2014-01-04 Ludovic CHEVALIER[SECURITY] +access rights to membership_membership_line...
2013-12-31 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] ~menu association is visible for group pos user
2013-12-23 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] ~bad name and id for members kanban view
2013-12-19 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] ~membership form view: associates members are...
2013-12-09 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] -join membership button in bikecoop member form...
2013-10-10 Ludovic CHEVALIER[module] +depends pos_membership
2013-10-10 Ludovic CHEVALIER[i18n] ~maj fr
2013-10-03 Ludovic CHEVALIER[module] ~copyright everywhere
2013-09-27 Ludovic CHEVALIER[module] +copyright
2013-08-30 Ludovic CHEVALIER[module] +icon
2013-08-30 Ludovic CHEVALIER[view] +default filter for members view
2013-08-29 Ludovic CHEVALIER[view] ~all members filter now include waiting members
2013-08-29 Ludovic CHEVALIER[view] +membership state and member ident in kanban...
2013-03-26 Ludovic CHEVALIER[i18n] ~fr
2013-03-26 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Menus]
2013-03-26 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Members form] +associate members special form
2013-03-25 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Membership form] associate_members widget: tag-->many2...
2013-03-25 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Tax] plus de taxe par defaut dans le plan comptable
2013-02-11 Ludovic CHEVALIER[chart of account] active parents account for 7516...
2013-02-01 Ludovic CHEVALIER[trans] ~maj fr
2013-01-15 Ludovic CHEVALIER[members] member_lines with date_start and date_to...
2013-01-15 Ludovic CHEVALIER[members] See member_lines in bikecoop form view
2012-12-20 Ludovic CHEVALIER[partner] associate_members transfered to remembership
2012-12-20 Julien Moutinho[associate_members] avoid associating to self julm
2012-12-19 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Trad] ~maj fr
2012-12-14 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Account chart] activate stock acccount
2012-12-13 Ludovic CHEVALIER[menu] menu association <-- bikecoop
2012-12-13 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Chart of account] Reactivate cash register account
2012-12-12 Ludovic CHEVALIER[search] search by member_ident + filtering members
2012-12-11 Ludovic CHEVALIER[user] +langue=fr +timezone=Paris for admin user
2012-12-10 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Member] member_ident readonly in bikecoop form
2012-12-06 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Form] +member_ident in tree view
2012-12-06 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Plan] +756 - Cotisations
2012-11-27 Julien Moutinho[openerp_v7] supprime un WARNING
2012-11-26 Julien Moutinho[git] ajout .gitignore
2012-11-22 Ludovic CHEVALIER[form] +bouton adhesion
2012-11-20 Ludovic CHEVALIER[trans] +fr
2012-11-20 Ludovic CHEVALIER[module] - demo datas
2012-11-20 Ludovic CHEVALIER[form] ~good label for associate member field
2012-11-20 Ludovic CHEVALIER[user] retablissement fr_FR par defaut
2012-11-19 Ludovic CHEVALIER[membership] migration form bikecoop
2012-11-19 Ludovic CHEVALIER[user] +fr_Fr for all demo users
2012-11-19 Ludovic CHEVALIER[plan comptable] migration v7
2012-11-19 Ludovic CHEVALIERMerge branch 'master' into v7
2012-11-19 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Members] +associates_members
2012-11-16 Ludovic CHEVALIERMerge branch 'master' into v7
2012-11-16 Ludovic CHEVALIER[membership] +categ membership product
2012-11-16 Ludovic CHEVALIER[membership] +categ membership product
2012-11-15 Ludovic CHEVALIER[module] dependance membership-->remembership
2012-11-15 Ludovic CHEVALIER[module] +dependance remembership
2012-11-13 Ludovic CHEVALIER[membership] transfert des adaptations associations...
2012-10-23 Ludovic CHEVALIER[plan comptable] +580 virements internes
2012-10-12 Ludovic CHEVALIER+plan comptable simplifie et complete
2012-09-17 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Partner] +Nationalite = France par defaut
2012-08-23 Ludovic CHEVALIER[users] +langue fr_FR par defaut pour admin
2012-08-20 Ludovic CHEVALIERTuning de code
2012-08-14 Ludovic CHEVALIER[users] +langue fr_FR par defaut
2012-08-12 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Module] +init
2012-08-12 Ludovic CHEVALIERCommit initial