2014-10-20 Julien Moutinhofix after pybabel compile master
2014-10-20 Julien Moutinhofix when choices are added after some votes
2014-10-19 Julien Moutinhofix new fr translations
2014-10-19 Julien Moutinhomodify mail notification to make it optional
2014-10-19 Julien Moutinhoadd CAN_DELETE_VOTES support
2014-10-19 Julien Moutinhoadd comments support
2014-10-17 Julien Moutinhofix cardinal-5 description
2014-10-03 Julien Moutinhochange cardinal-5 description
2014-09-16 Julien Moutinhofix vote display
2014-09-16 Julien Moutinhofix vote termination
2014-09-10 Julien Moutinhofix SQL query argument passing
2014-08-30 Julien Moutinhofix some little things
2014-08-25 Julien Moutinhomodify to range voting
2014-08-25 Julien Moutinhofix too long lines
2014-08-25 Julien Moutinhofix hard coded vote url
2014-08-25 Julien Moutinhofix missing openid lib on wheezy
2014-08-13 Julien Rabier[PATCH] by julm - fix missing check that choice belongs...
2014-08-13 Julien Rabierremove trailing whitespaces
2013-05-25 Julien Rabierfix another utf-8 (and maybe last) issue in
2013-05-25 Julien Rabierfix another utf-8 issue in
2013-05-25 Julien Rabierfix utf-8 issue and a missing variable in
2013-05-25 Julien Rabierfix again another utf-8 issue in
2013-05-25 Julien Rabierfix another utf-8 issue in
2013-05-20 Julien Rabierfix broken lines in
2013-05-20 Julien Rabierfix encoding in + typo
2013-05-19 Julien Rabierupdate requirements
2013-04-22 Julien RabierTypo
2013-03-02 Julien Rabierfix a typo in french translation
2013-02-10 Cyprien Nicolas... Add Content-type header to mails. Charset is set to...
2012-12-22 Julien Rabierupdate messages.pot
2012-12-22 Julien Rabierupdate fr translation
2012-12-22 Julien Rabieradd i18n support for reminder script
2012-12-22 Julien Rabieradd translation files, generated with pybabel
2012-12-22 Julien Rabierfix one missing utf-8 encoding
2012-12-22 Julien Rabieradd support for translation via babel
2012-12-22 Julien Rabieradd 2 lines of conf for babel
2012-12-22 Julien Rabieradd some lines of how-to about translation
2012-12-22 Julien Rabieradd requirements.txt
2012-12-22 Julien Rabierfix flask-openid import
2012-10-01 Arnaud DelcasseFix error when retrieving groups for the display user...
2012-09-12 Arnaud DelcasseBug fix (was sending reminders only for 1 vote and...
2012-09-12 Arnaud DelcasseReminder every week before the end of the vote
2012-09-12 Arnaud DelcasseMail notifications during last days of a vote.
2012-09-12 Arnaud DelcasseRemind nonvoters
2012-09-11 Arnaud DelcasseSend a main when opening a vote
2012-09-04 Arnaud DelcasseFix error during merge
2012-09-04 Arnaud Delcassechange version number
2012-09-03 Julien RabierMerge branch 'reorganize_files' of
2012-09-03 Arnaud DelcasseAdd README file with instructions for development and...
2012-09-03 Arnaud DelcasseSeparate configuration
2012-09-03 Arnaud DelcasseAdd vote deletion (only hides it in the DB : can be...
2012-08-31 Arnaud DelcasseUpdate of the OpenID was not working (it was only worki...
2012-08-30 Arnaud DelcasseAdd OpenID authentication in parallel with casual one
2012-08-30 Julien RabierMerge branch 'bug-transparent' of git://git.rogdham...
2012-08-30 RogdhamFix bug for non-transparent sondages
2012-08-30 RogdhamBetter crypto for storing passwords
2012-08-30 Arnaud DelcasseReturn to join method for fetching publisher
2012-08-30 Arnaud DelcasseFix issue with publisher
2012-08-30 Arnaud DelcasseFix problem of publisher again
2012-08-30 Arnaud DELCASSEFixed hardcoded vote publisher value to maethor
2012-08-18 Arnaud Delcasserewrite \r\n instead of \n
2012-08-18 Arnaud DelcasseMerge branch 'master' of
2012-08-18 Arnaud DelcasseFix issue when generating email (unicode decoding)
2012-08-18 Arnaud DelcasseFix issue when generating email (unicode decoding)
2012-06-08 Guillaume SubironContinue arg in login and logout routes
2012-06-07 Guillaume SubironMany TODOs, debug, cleanup, urls
2012-06-07 Guillaume SubironAjout de boites modales pour les suppressions d'éléments
2012-06-07 Guillaume SubironAdmins can delete and edit users
2012-06-07 Guillaume SubironInterface details
2012-06-07 Guillaume SubironDispay
2012-06-07 Guillaume SubironNb votes and max votes displayed in progress bar
2012-06-05 Guillaume SubironDebug
2012-06-05 Guillaume SubironSend email to new user
2012-06-05 Guillaume SubironAdded constraints in DB
2012-06-05 Guillaume SubironDebug
2012-06-05 Guillaume SubironChoices patterns in vote creation
2012-06-05 Guillaume SubironUsers can see waiting votes, votes can be terminated
2012-06-04 Guillaume Subironcan_vote and can_see_vote supports groups, plus some...
2012-06-04 Guillaume SubironProgress bars
2012-06-04 Guillaume SubironFinished password lost
2012-06-04 Guillaume SubironWe cannot open a vote if there is less than 2 choices
2012-06-04 Guillaume SubironRenamed role table into groups, and debug
2012-06-04 Guillaume SubironMany improvment in votes
2012-06-04 Guillaume SubironUsers can vote
2012-06-04 Guillaume SubironAttachments
2012-05-31 Guillaume SubironCleanup
2012-05-30 Guillaume SubironPrint groups in user list
2012-05-30 Julien Rabierdrop user_role table
2012-05-30 Guillaume SubironPassword are encrypted
2012-05-30 Guillaume SubironCheck values in user_edit to avoid sqlite integrity...
2012-05-30 Guillaume SubironAdmin can select groups in user creation
2012-05-29 Guillaume SubironRenaming
2012-05-29 Guillaume SubironDebug
2012-05-29 Guillaume SubironAdministration des users et des votes
2012-05-29 Guillaume SubironVotes list
2012-05-29 Guillaume SubironAdded metas to vote view, added attachments table
2012-05-29 Guillaume SubironShow vote
2012-05-29 Guillaume SubironAdmin roles
2012-05-29 Guillaume SubironAdmins can edit votes
2012-05-28 Guillaume SubironEdit vote