2020-10-21 Ludovic CHEVALIER[PYTHON] +newsletter field 7.0
2014-02-04 Ludovic CHEVALIER[MODULE] ~icon and logo master
2014-01-15 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] ~fix xpath error due to changes about bikecoop...
2014-01-04 Ludovic CHEVALIER[DATAS] +take in/out product for cash register
2014-01-04 Ludovic CHEVALIER[DATAS] -res_partner to update
2013-12-30 Ludovic CHEVALIER[PRODUCTS] ~fix some available to purchase or sale...
2013-12-30 Ludovic CHEVALIER[PRODUCTS] ~family membership product is grouped member...
2013-12-30 Ludovic CHEVALIER[PRODUCTS] ~membership products available in pos
2013-12-24 Ludovic CHEVALIER[MODULE] -installable
2013-12-23 Ludovic CHEVALIER[DATA] +sale products
2013-12-23 Ludovic CHEVALIER[DATA] +products categories and suppliers
2013-12-23 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] -member ident in different view
2013-12-22 Ludovic CHEVALIER[DATA] +suppliers
2013-12-20 Ludovic CHEVALIER[DATA] +company description and membership_product
2013-12-20 Ludovic CHEVALIER[MODULE] +icon and init file
2013-12-20 Ludovic CHEVALIERInitial commit