[DEMO] ~users now have parent_id
[burette/bikecoop_demo.git] / demo /
2015-01-26 Ludovic CHEVALIER[DEMO] ~users now have parent_id master
2015-01-26 Ludovic CHEVALIER[DEMO] +partners accountant, treasurer, pos
2015-01-26 Ludovic CHEVALIER[DEMO] +force country_id for employee partner
2015-01-26 Ludovic CHEVALIER[DEMO] +partner employee
2015-01-26 Ludovic CHEVALIER[DEMO] ~changement de methode pour definir country_id
2014-11-16 Ludovic CHEVALIER[user] +user employee
2014-11-12 Ludovic CHEVALIER[user] ~treasurer is point of sale and sales manager
2013-12-22 Ludovic CHEVALIER[DEMO] ~Common root for all products categories
2013-04-03 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Partner] -code ADEME. No such code field available...
2013-01-26 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Partners] +logos
2013-01-25 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Partner] +ADEME
2012-12-20 Ludovic CHEVALIER[event] +massilia propaganda
2012-12-15 Ludovic CHEVALIER[stock] +quantity and first inventory done
2012-12-15 Ludovic CHEVALIER[pos] +take in/take out money product
2012-12-15 Ludovic CHEVALIER[product] ~Oil is a consummable product
2012-12-15 Ludovic CHEVALIER[purchase] +suppliers and purchase products
2012-12-14 Ludovic CHEVALIER[product] +ready bikes
2012-12-13 Ludovic CHEVALIER[event] +demo events types, events and events registrations
2012-12-06 Ludovic CHEVALIER[partner] more demo datas (gender, year of birth, occup...
2012-11-21 Ludovic CHEVALIER[user] pos user is now member of partner_manager group
2012-11-20 Ludovic CHEVALIERInitial commit