2020-05-27 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] ~tuning 7.0
2020-05-27 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] ~fix available products in pos order
2020-02-05 Ludovic CHEVALIER[SECURITY] +r access to payment term for pos users
2020-01-29 Ludovic CHEVALIER[SECURITY] ~fix ir.config_parameter read acces for...
2018-05-23 Ludovic CHEVALIER[TRANS] ~fr: Atelier velo --> Atelier
2018-01-22 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] +make pos_config field readonly when the session...
2018-01-16 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] ~replace to attributes for config_id modifier...
2017-11-23 Ludovic CHEVALIER[view] +allow search pos order by partners
2017-11-06 Ludovic CHEVALIER[SECURITY] ~allow contact creation users to edit a...
2017-06-06 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] ~widget selection for pos config in pos session...
2016-05-03 Ludovic CHEVALIER[SECURITY] +partner manager group can't modify country... master
2016-04-08 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] +supplier filter in supplier menu
2016-01-13 Ludovic CHEVALIER[DATA] +user_root belongs to no_one group
2016-01-04 Ludovic CHEVALIER[MODULE] ~comment sequence field for theme. Need to...
2015-12-28 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] +use simple theme tree view for volunteer activities
2015-12-28 Ludovic CHEVALIER[MODULE] ~fix themes order
2015-12-23 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] +active field for technical users in bikecoop...
2015-12-23 Ludovic CHEVALIER[TRANS] ~translate some terms for themes
2015-11-08 Ludovic CHEVALIERMerge commit '14d224c'
2015-11-08 Ludovic CHEVALIER[MODULE] +order themes by domain, sequence, name
2015-10-09 Ludovic CHEVALIER[MODULE] ~sort themes by name
2015-06-26 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] street fields before ZIP and City
2015-06-26 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] -remove placeholder for gender and main activity...
2015-06-05 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] ~new placeholder for street and street2
2015-06-05 Ludovic CHEVALIER[TRANS] +mobile, phone and name placeholder
2015-06-05 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] +placeholder for name field
2015-06-05 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] +mobile field and some reorganization
2015-06-05 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] ~selection widget for gender and occupation...
2015-06-02 Ludovic CHEVALIER[DATA] -expense sequence
2015-06-02 Ludovic CHEVALIER[DATA] +custom sequences prefixes
2015-01-06 Ludovic CHEVALIER[SECURITY] ~fix a needed read access to ir_sequence...
2014-03-24 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Point of sale] ~pos_order form: only show available...
2014-01-15 Ludovic CHEVALIER[WIZARD] -default value for payment method in point...
2014-01-15 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Module] ~maj copyright
2014-01-10 Ludovic CHEVALIER[DATA] +siret and ape field now available in res_compan...
2014-01-10 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] ~enhanced res_user form for managing users and...
2014-01-04 Ludovic CHEVALIER[SECURITY] -membership_membership_line access control...
2014-01-02 Ludovic CHEVALIER[SECURITY] +good rights for pos_user group to manage...
2014-01-02 Ludovic CHEVALIER[SECURITY] +some new access for pos_user group
2014-01-02 Ludovic CHEVALIER[view] +filter rights journals is payment pos order...
2014-01-02 Ludovic CHEVALIER[view] -invoice button in pos order
2013-12-31 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] +access to all sessions menu for pos user group
2013-12-31 Ludovic CHEVALIER[SECURITY] ~group pos_users have no write accesss to...
2013-12-31 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] +partner_id field in res_users form view
2013-12-19 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] ~new organisation of bikecoop member form
2013-12-17 Ludovic CHEVALIER[VIEW] ~menus volonteer activities and occupation in...
2013-12-09 Ludovic CHEVALIER[SECURITY] +read access to product_pricelist_version...
2013-11-12 Ludovic CHEVALIER[view] -menu bikecoop
2013-10-09 Ludovic CHEVALIER[view] point_of_sale pos_order form
2013-10-03 Ludovic CHEVALIER[module] ~copyright anywhere
2013-09-26 Ludovic CHEVALIER[module] +copyright
2013-09-05 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Trad] ~maj fr
2013-08-30 Ludovic CHEVALIER[module] ~icon
2013-08-27 Ludovic CHEVALIER[view] reorganize bikecoop members view
2013-08-27 Ludovic CHEVALIER[view] +kanban default view for bikecoop member
2013-03-28 Ludovic CHEVALIERMerge branch 'master' of burette.heureux-cyclage.org...
2013-03-28 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Partner] ~year of birth constraints. Must be greater...
2013-03-28 Julien Moutinhocorrection : osv -> openerp.osv
2013-03-12 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Partner] ~year of birth constraints. Must be greater...
2013-02-04 Ludovic CHEVALIER[pos] +read access to product_tamplate.standard_price...
2013-02-01 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Bikecoop member form] ~comment field is now comment...
2013-01-15 Ludovic CHEVALIER[view] +name attribute for volunteer notebook
2013-01-09 Ludovic CHEVALIER[module] -depends portal_event,document --> bikecoop_demo
2013-01-09 Ludovic CHEVALIER[pos] ~security access for pos_group_user for creating...
2012-12-19 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Trad] ~maj fr
2012-12-19 Ludovic CHEVALIER[modules] +dep purchase
2012-12-13 Ludovic CHEVALIER[security]
2012-12-13 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Menu] Menu association --> bikecoop_l10n_fr
2012-12-13 Ludovic CHEVALIER[module] +deps document, portal_event
2012-12-12 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Themes form] +active field
2012-12-11 Ludovic CHEVALIER[module] -deps crypt
2012-12-10 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Association] restrict access menu association: only...
2012-12-06 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Menu bikecoop] fix xml ref problem
2012-12-06 Ludovic CHEVALIER[data] ~xml_id for male and other gender record
2012-12-06 Ludovic CHEVALIER[view] +menu configuration (for occupations an voluntee...
2012-12-06 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Formulaire] birthdate-->year of birth
2012-12-03 Ludovic CHEVALIERMerge branch 'julm' chris
2012-12-03 Julien Moutinho[openerp_v7] supprime des WARNING julm
2012-12-03 Julien Moutinho[git] ajout .gitignore
2012-11-29 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Module] +base_crypt dependance
2012-11-29 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Module] ~description
2012-11-27 Ludovic CHEVALIER[data] noupdate for company datas
2012-11-22 Ludovic CHEVALIER[form] some fields not required if it's company
2012-11-21 Ludovic CHEVALIER[security]
2012-11-20 Ludovic CHEVALIER[trans] ~fr because of split with demo addon
2012-11-20 Ludovic CHEVALIER[module] -demo datas
2012-11-19 Ludovic CHEVALIER[partner] +phone number
2012-11-19 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Partner] address-->partner
2012-11-16 Ludovic CHEVALIERAdaptations formulaires pour la v7
2012-11-16 Ludovic CHEVALIERMerge branch 'master' into v7
2012-11-16 Ludovic CHEVALIER[membership] -categ membership product
2012-11-16 Ludovic CHEVALIERMerge branch 'master' into v7
2012-11-16 Ludovic CHEVALIER[membership] -demo/membership.xml
2012-11-16 Ludovic CHEVALIERMigration v7 en cours
2012-11-13 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Membership] suite du menage
2012-11-13 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Membership] un peu de rangement
2012-11-12 Ludovic CHEVALIERsyntaxe
2012-10-19 Ludovic CHEVALIER[membership] +invoice some membership
2012-10-19 Ludovic CHEVALIER[partner] +group membership
2012-10-08 Ludovic CHEVALIER[Company]contact@->admin@